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Adventures by Amy Ellis

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest left me with a deep affection for old-growth trees and the moss that grows on the north side of them. I recently visited Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks with my children and husband, and I was once again drawn to the patterns in the bark and the light filtering through the trees. Adventures is a graphic collection of the elements I see in these grand places.

One of my favorite prints to work on the collection was the striped one. I converted the adventure sayings into Morse code and included the text too so that everyone knew what was being said. There’s also a topography print, mountains, tree bark, plaid, bullseye and riverbed – they each represent a different part of nature that I love. I can’t wait to see what everyone makes with these prints!

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Glam Girl by Deborah Edwards

Having parents involved in fashion design, I was surrounded by textiles from a very young age.  As a teen, I rummaged through flea markets and thrift stores looking for vintage textiles and lace, not realizing my passion for textiles would evolve into a life-long career starting with a degree in textile design from the Ontario College of Art and Design.  For more than two decades I worked as VP of Design for an international company designing fabric, bedding, wallcovering and area rugs. I have developed collections for celebrities including Martha Stewart and Jaclyn Smith and have been a member and chair holder of Color Marketing Group for many years.


The Potting Shed

"The anticipation to get out in the garden is mounting.  As I walk out to the potting shed to check on the neat little rows of seedlings under the grow lights, I feel the warm early spring sun on my face.  Yes, soon the soil will be warm enough to put the delicate plants into the ground.  There are so many signs the timing is just around the corner.  Yesterday, several white egrets flew over my house on their way to the pond.  The robins are so busy building their nests and my hostas and butterfly bushes are poking their pretty green sprouts out to catch the warm rays of the sun.  We hope the butterflies will come and stay awhile this season.  Soon I can transfer some of my seedlings in to flower pots to scatter around the porch and front steps.  Maybe give even a few to my lovely neighbor. Everyone love’s the gift of plants.  This year I will add some blazing stars, coneflowers and Cosmos to “help the dwindling bee population.”  I can’t wait!"  ~Holly Taylor

Potting Shed Pattern Book Potting Shed Jelly Roll
Potting Shed Panel Potting Shed Panel
Potting Shed Layer Cake Potting Shed Charm Pack