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Tucker University-Taught by Karen Rhoads and Rachel Draughon

If you are unsure what the class listings are  referencing,  please check the Tucker University Board in the classroom.  Following each class, samples of the units for the next months class, as well as blocks, using those units will be placed on the boards and labeled.  Some blocks will also contain units from previous months as well as what will be ’taught’ the following month.


January 9 - Tucker Trimmer

February 13 - V-Block Ruler - Think “Peaky & Spike”, making star point units.  Process for ’sidekick, hi/low units, adding ‘variety' to star points.

March 12 - Wing Clipper - Making Flying Geese ‘4 at a time’;  Pickets and Quickets technique sheet will be covered, ‘think picket fence’; also going over method of making ‘Migrating Geese’, without paper-piecing.

April 9 - Square Squared Ruler -  making a square in a square unit; also working on “Little houses’ Technique Sheet

May 14 - Corner Beam Ruler -  not to be ‘confused’ with the V-Block, this allows interesting Corner Blocks to be made.  Sliver Technique sheet also covered, where just a ’sliver’ is sliced off and replaced with a contrasting color, adding more interest to the unit.

June 11 - Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star - Learn how to make the Lemoyne Star with absolutely ’NO Y Seams’.   Learn process of ’strip sets’ to make your LeMoyne stars.  (Basic construction only).

July  9 - Corner Pop Ruler - This ruler replaces ‘folded corner’ technique ( used in ’snowballing’ of corners);  and provides 22 size options.  Students will work with HST’s made prior to class.

August 13 - Split Recs Ruler -  Working with rectangles split from one corner to the opposite one.  When class is completed, student will be able to make mirror images as well as non-mirror images to be used star blocks, leaf blocks as well as working them into ‘interesting  pieced borders’.

September  10 - Diamond Rects Ruler -  Making a diamond ‘inside’ a rectangle.  Think of the pattern ’Storm at Sea’.  Learn to make this, again, without relying on paper-piecing.

October 8 - Large Square Squared Ruler -  A much larger ruler, comes in two sections; Part A for the sizing and cutting of Center Square; Part B used in the ’trim down’ process.  Blocks being constructed during this class will include the Economy Block, Snail Trail Block.  Technique Sheet will cover ’Stacked Squares’.  Larger size great for embroidery motifs, photo transfers, etc.

November 12- Lemoyne Star - Advanced I - This class will definitely run the full 4 hours as we will be covering Three Technique Sheets.  Strip pieced LeMoyne, Liberty LeMoyne, and Banded LeMoyne.  It is advised that students of this class have already taken the earlier class on the basics of the Lemoyne Star.

December 10 - Lemoyne Star - Advanced II -  Another long class day, as we will be covering Three Technique Sheets.  Fussy Cut LeMoyne, LeMoynes as Triangles and the Blazing Lemoyne Star.  Again, it is strongly advised you have a basic understanding of the Lemoyne Star ruler, prior to this class.

Tucker University-Taught by Karen Rhoads and Rachel Draughon

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